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from Ryan J. Gill,
TheOtherAss is for musicians and fans.

-i'm just going to go ahead and write this in the first person - that 3rd person bio stuff really geeks me out.  

the other ass started as a platform for my other (really stupid) comics, thus the name. 
eventually it became popular with musicians, as most of the comics depicted the dumber scenarios of the music scene

i've been a musician since i was 6, starting with piano - which was too hard, so i moved to trombone - eventually i discovered punk and picked up the drums (my main ingredient) and guitar

i was born in maine, moved to new hampshire in my 20s, and currently live in seattle with my girlfriend (who i play with in sky penis)

i hold a degree in multimedia (2002 SMTC) , and i work as a digital and screen printer in seattle 

on occasion i release weird music under the name ryan eno
(bandcamp: RyanEno.bandcamp.com)

previous bands worth noting are might (2009-2011, new hampshire)
and the sun giants (2012- currently on hiatus, seattle)

** you can e.mail me directly me RyanJGill82@gmail.com

** you can find my media portfolio at RyanJGill.com

you can find the other ass on most social media sites

music from the other ass can be found here:

music videos and animations can be found on here:

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thank you,
ryan joseph gill,
b. 1982 n. america

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